Lucidum is an open API, data ingestion platform that ingests data from IT and security operations, management, protection, and detection solutions, including structured and unstructured data from data lakes.

Lucidum’s Machine Learning algorithms help discover every asset, every account and user, classify newly discovered data, and calculate risk so you can be better prepared.

  • Asset. An entity that stores, transmits, or processes data, including laptops, workstations, servers, virtual machines, cloud instances, docker containers, and more

  • User. An entity that is authenticated into the enterprise environment to use the assets, including active directory users, HR employees, cloud IAM users, and more

  • Data. An entity that is identified and associated with certain data type and classification. For example, one user may be accessing confidential product source codes, or one asset may be storing restricted PCI data

  • Risk. Lucidum includes multiple risk measurements for assets and users. You can use these risk measurements to identify ­assets and users that require analysis and possible mitigation.

The Lucidum platform enables security, IT, and other teams to:

  • Discover and describe previous unknowns — assets, users, data

  • Identify risks such as unmanaged assets, missing agents, outdated OS, apps, and more

  • Develop unique insights from de-duped and triangulated tech stack information

  • Classify unstructured file information to help mitigate confidential data access

  • Accelerate alert triage, incident response, investigation, and remediation

  • Enhance data security

  • Manage IT assets and vulnerability

  • Improve information security, engineering, and operations

  • Ensure consistent versioning and upgrade