On day-one, the first steps to get up and running with Lucidum include:

  • Creating user accounts.

  • If you want Lucidum to ingest data from on-premises hardware and software, you must configure a proxy server.

Your Lucidum Account Representative will guide you through these tasks.

User Accounts

Lucidum includes role-based accounts, out of the box.

To define accounts in Lucidum, you provide:

  • User Name

  • Email address

  • Password

  • Time Zone

  • Role

Lucidum integrates with most SSO providers. If your organization uses SSO, you need only specify the correct user name, email address, and toggle the SSO button.

Proxy Server

A proxy server allows Lucidum running on your SaaS account to fetch data securely from your on-premises assets.

For details, contact your Lucidum Account Representative and see the online documentation for Proxy Server (https://docs.lucidum.io/lucidum-help-center/Working-version/website/proxy-server ).