To start using your Lucidum system and gaining insights into the security of your environment, you must first allow Lucidum to learn about your environment. To do this, Lucidum uses connectors.

Connectors enable Lucidum to ingest data from your environment and discover, identify, and classify assets, data, and users.

Lucidum includes pre-built connectors for the most commonly used solutions for security, vulnerability scanning, cloud, data warehouse, identity management, logs, network, endpoint management, IP management, file sharing, and devops. For details on connectors, see the online documentation for Connectors ( ).

To configure a connector, you provide credentials that allow Lucidum secure, read-only access to a deployed solution.

During deployment, your Lucidum Account Representative will work with you to determine which solutions to ingest data from and help you set up connectors.

After ingesting data from connectors, Lucidum displays data on the home page and in dashboards.