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BlueCat Enterprise DNS

BlueCat Enterprise DNS (includes BlueCat DNS Integrity and BlueCat DNS Edge) centralizes and automates DNS services and leverages DNS data for control, compliance and security.


  • Host (required) – The URL of the BlueCat management server. For example, http://<AddressManager_IP>

  • User Name and Password (required) – Specify valid username and password: The user account can be created by accessing the “Administration” and “Users and Groups” sections of the BlueCat management UI. Please ensure the user account has the “API User” permissions assigned.

  • Maximum Processes (optional) - Maximum number of processes to fetch the data in parallel. Set this as a low number for the first run (i.e., 1) and increase it as needed.

  • Verify SSL (required, default is false) - Verify the SSL certificate or not. 

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