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Certificates About to Expire or Already Expired

Expired certificates pose a grave security risk for businesses. When certificates expire, users and public-facing assets become susceptible to attack from hackers.

In large organizations with many assets or in growing organizations with changing assets, it can be difficult to manage certificates in a timely manner.

Lucidum ingests data from all the solutions in your environment. Lucidum’s Machine Learning algorithms then enrich the ingested data through deduplication, triangulation, and aggregation. This allows Lucidum to discover every asset and every certificate, even those not discovered by your security solutions, so you can keep your certificates up to date.

Certificate Summary

This dashboard displays information about certificates for a business' root domain and sub-domains.

This dashboard includes charts for:

  • Certificates Total. Displays the total number of certificates in the environment.

  • Algorithms. Displays the type of key algorithms in use by all the certificates.

  • Certificates: All Expiry Dates. Displays the next five expiry dates for certificates.

  • Certificates by CA. Displays the certificate authorities in use and the number of certificates assigned to each CA.

  • Certificate Versions. Displays the types of certificates in the environment.

  • Expired Certs. Displays the number of certificates that have already expired.

  • Expired Certs All Expired. Displays the domains that have expired certificates.

  • Full Certificate List. Displays all domains with certificates.

  • Upcoming Expirations. This table lists the expiry dates coming up in the next 60 days and the number of assets that will expire on those dates.

  • Upcoming Expirations 60 Days Out. Displays the domains for which certificates will expire in the next 60 days.

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