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Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is an identity-based network access control and policy enforcement system. Cisco ISE functions as a common policy engine that provides access controls and network device administration for enterprises.


  • Host (required) - The hostname or IP address of the Cisco ISE server.

  • Port (required) - Use 443 or 9060 by default.

  • User Name and Password (required) - The credentials for a user account that has the read permissions to fetch assets.

  • Verify SSL (optional, default is false) - Verify SSL certificate or not.

  • Is SSL (optional, default is true) - Use HTTPS connection or not.

  • Active Host (optional) - Primary active Cisco ISE server hostname.

  • Backup Host (optional) - Secondary backup Cisco ISE server hostname.

  • Max Processes (optional, default is 10) - Maximum number of processes to fetch the data in parallel.

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