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What is Claroty Platform?

The Claroty Platform is an industrial cybersecurity solution that comprises Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Secure Remote Access (SRA), and Edge technologies. The platform integrates with industrial environments and discovers and protects all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets within the network while detecting threats to those assets.

Why Should You Use the Claroty Platform Connector?

The Claroty Platform connector provides visibility into the assets in your environment. You can use this visibility to:

  • ensure assets are managed per your security policies

  • derive relationships between assets, users, applications, and data

How Does This Connector Work?

Lucidum executes read-only requests to the Claroty Platform REST API and ingests only meta-data about Claroty Platform devices. Lucidum does not retrieve any data stored on your assets.

Configuring the Connector in Lucidum





The URL for the Claroty Platform API.


User name for a Claroty Platform account with read access.



The password for the Claroty Platform account.


Verify SSL.

For future use.


Source Documentation

Creating Credentials and Required Permission

Contact your Lucidum Sales Representative for help with creating credentials and defining permissions.

For Claroty documentation, see:

To create a User Account to use with this connector:

  1. Log in to the Claroty web configuration tool.

  2. On the main menu select Configuration > Users.

  3. In the User Management configuration screen, Click Add new users.

    • Enter a Username

    • Enter a Full Name

    • Enter a Password

    • Repeat the Password

  4. Click Add.

  5. Return to the main menu and select Configuration > Groups.

  6. In the Group Management configuration screen, Click Add new groups.

  7. Enter a Group Name.

  8. Select the user created for API access from the Add User dropdown list.

  9. In the Systems Permissions area, click Add permission.

  10. Select All Sites.

  11. From the All dropdown list, select relevant option.

  12. Set the appropriate permission level to Read.

  13. Click Save.

API Documentation

To view the Claroty API documentation:

  1. Log in to the Claroty CTD as an administrator.

  2. Click on your user name in the upper right corner.

  3. Select API Explorer.

  4. The API Explorer opens in Swagger. 

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