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Dynatrace is a software intelligence platform providing application performance management and cloud infrastructure monitoring.

Configuring the Connector for Dynatrace

To configure Lucidum to ingest data from Dynatrace:

  1. Log in to Lucidum.

  2. In the left pane, click Connector.

  3. In the Connector page, click Add Connector.

  4. Scroll until you find the Connector you want to configure. Click Connect. The Settings page appears.

  5. In the Settings page, enter the following:

    • URL (optional): Dynatrace domain URL. In case you are operating your own Dynatrace Managed installation, specify your Dynatrace domain

    • Environment ID (required) - Specify the desired environment ID. Each environment that you monitor with Dynatrace is identified with a unique character string (Environment ID). Within Dynatrace SaaS, your Dynatrace environment ID (otherwise known as a tenant ID), is included at the beginning of your Dynatrace environment's URL. In case you are operating your own Dynatrace Managed installation, you can find your environment id within your custom domain path after the /e/ subpath.

    • API Key (required): Specify the API token that you have created. For more details, see Dynatrace API - Authentication.

    • Verify SSL. For future use.

  6. To test the configuration, click Test.

    • If the connector is configured correctly, Lucidum displays a list of services that are accessible with the connector.

    • If the connector is not configured correctly, Lucidum displays an error message.

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