"Trekking the Swiss Alps” learning curve?

Partner Lucidum with your Elastic solution and benefit both tech savvy users and those on a cost- saving journey. Flow with the rolling hills.

Don’t eat my budget!

Relieve concerns about unpredictable, high post-implementation-costs (is that still a thing?) Get the most value out of your Elastic implementation.

Swipe right for a seamless Elastic connection.

Accelerate deployment and configuration processes via Lucidum for a quicker return on your Elastic SIEM investment. See more, be accurate, do it all quicker.

Stand on us and take off! Simplify navigation through automated Lucidum workflows and efficient processes, reducing complexity for technology support staff and end users. Stop doing grunt work, start flying!

Simplification and enhancement is no longer your goal, it’s your starting point. Stop wondering how to make queries better, faster, and less broken; start solving real problems.

An easier path towards your desired results

This shouldn’t be a “Lost” experience (unless that’s your preference). Get the guidance needed to get you where you need to be. Take the path toward desired results, clear and concise.

Filter out excessive data -> increase ROI.

Reduce costs due to heavy resource consumption by doing more with less: achieve high return on investment by reducing huge data loads and reaping highly concentrated information.

Ready to get more?

We can help you maximize your Elastic investment.