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First Step: User Accounts and Proxy Server

On day-one, the first steps to get up and running with Lucidum include:

  • Creating user accounts.

  • If you want Lucidum to ingest data from on-premises hardware and software, you must configure a proxy server.

Your Lucidum Account Representative will guide you through these tasks.

User Accounts

Lucidum includes role-based accounts, out of the box.

To define accounts in Lucidum, you provide:

  • User Name

  • Email address

  • Password

  • Time Zone

  • Role

Lucidum integrates with most SSO providers. If your organization uses SSO, you need only specify the correct user name, email address, and toggle the SSO button.

For details on creating and managing user accounts, see the manual Managing Users ( ).

Proxy Server

A proxy server allows Lucidum running on your SaaS account to fetch data securely from your on-premises assets.

For details, contact your Lucidum Account Representative and see the online documentation for the Proxy Server (

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