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Ingestion Status page

After you have configured connectors, Lucidum can start ingesting data and displaying information about your environment. By default, Lucidum ingests data every 24 hours. After 24 hours, information appears on the Ingestion Status page.

If you want to start ingesting data immediately, you can go to Monitoring > Ingestion Trigger and click Ingest All Data to immediately start ingesting data.

The Ingestion Status page is a convenient way to see what data Lucidum has ingested.

To view the Ingestion Status page:

  1. Navigate to the Lucidum UI.

  2. In the left pane, click Monitoring.

  3. Select Ingestion Status.

The Data Ingestion Flow chart shows all the sources of data and if the last ingestion by Lucidum was successful or timed out.

Mousing over the solid circle next to a data source displays information about the last time Lucidum ingested data from that data source.

More Information on Viewing Data

For more information on data ingestion and viewing the data in Lucidum, see the manual Viewing Data manual ( ).

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