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Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud CSPM

What is Prisma Cloud CSPM?

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud - Cloud Security Posture Management is a cloud security posture management (CSPM) tool. Prisma Cloud provides visibility and threat detection to mitigate risks and secure your workloads in a heterogenous environment (hybrid and multi-cloud). Prisma Cloud also enforces compliance and secures data.

Why Should You Use the Prisma Cloud CSPM Connector?

The Prisma Cloud CSPM connector provides visibility into the assets, users, and data in your environment. You can use this visibility to:

  • ensure assets are managed per your security policies

  • find vulnerabilities quickly and remediate

How Does This Connector Work?

Lucidum executes read-only requests to the Prisma Cloud CSPM API and ingests only meta-data about Prisma Cloud CSPM assets. Lucidum does not retrieve any data stored on your assets.

Configuring the Connector in Lucidum





The URL of the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud API

Access Key ID

Access key ID that allows access to the Palo Alto Prisma Cloud APIs.


Access Key Secret

Access key secret.


Verify SSL

For future use.


Source Documentation

Creating Access Key and Access Key Secret

API Documentation

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