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Query Settings

The Query Settings page defines limits for number of saved Historical Queries, and maximum size of query results.

To view the Query Settings page:

  1. Go to Settings > Query Settings.


  2. In the Query Settings page, you can edit the following fields:

    • Maximum Saved Query History. This field determine the number of queries in the Query Run History page and when you choose Query > Load from Historical Query. The default value is “100”.

    • Maximum Query Results Per Export. Maximum number of fields that can be included in an export from the Query Results page. The default value is “50,000”. This field specifies the number of fields that you can export (number of rows * number of columns). For example, suppose you accept the default value of “50,000”. If the Location Results page includes 10 columns, and you export the results, you can export up to 5000 rows.

  3. To save any changes to this page, click the Save (disc) icon in the upper right.

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