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Server Message Block

What is Server Message Block?

The Server Message Block (SMB) protocol is a client-server communication protocol that enables shared access to files, directories, printers, serial ports, and other resources on a network. It also provides an authenticated inter-process communication (IPC) mechanism.

Why Should You Use the Server Message Block Connector?

The Server Message Block connector provides visibility into the assets in your environment. You can use this visibility to:

  • ensure assets are managed per your security policies

  • derive relationships between assets, users, applications, and data

How Does This Connector Work?

Lucidum executes read-only requests to the Server Message Block REST API and ingests only meta-data about Server Message Block devices. Lucidum does not retrieve any data stored on your assets.

Configuring the Connector in Lucidum





The hostname or IP Address of the SMB server.


The port on the Server Message Block server.

Default port is 445



User name for a Server Message Block account with read access.



The password for the Server Message Block account.



Name of the SMB share to ingest data from.


If you are using a proxy server to allow this connector to communicate with on-premises devices, enter the IP address: port for the proxy server, usually

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