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Trend Micro Worry-Free Services

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services is an all-in-one, lightweight agent with an intuitive, cloud-based console. Trend Micro Worry-Free Services provides visibility and control across your entire organization. Machine Learning analyzes files not only before execution, but also during runtime for more reliable protection. Trend Micro Worry-Free Services also provides data loss prevention (DLP), disc encryption, and vulnerability protection, device and application control, and firewall, URL reputation, and web category filtering.


  • URL (required): The URL of the Trend Micro Worry-Free API, for example,

  • Redirect URL (required): The redirect URL, for example,

  • Tenant ID (required): The authentication tenant ID, default is TM

  • Username and Password (required): Trend Micro Worry-Free username and password

  • Verify SSL (optional, default is false): Verify the SSL certificate or not

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